Premium Silver925 College Cloak of Arms

Introducing our Handmade Premium Silver925 College Cloak of Arms - Aquila Emblem, a truly remarkable piece of craftsmanship. This exquisite cloak of arms is specially designed for St. John's College, featuring the intricately detailed Aquila emblem that represents the essence of our esteemed place. 


High Tableware

Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite high tableware collection that makes every meal a memorable occasion, reminiscent of esteemed College traditions.

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Support the St. John's Virtue and Wisdom Bench with Your Donation for SJC scholarships

Photo for reference only. The making of the Bench is in progress.

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For purchases above $500HKD in Hong Kong SAR, free delivery is provided

For purchases below $500, you can pick your order in the College Office or collect them by payment to SF Express upon arrival